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Boys without Brains started as a Dutch demoscene group that was active at least since 1986. Next to a large number of demos, we also created 4 full C64 games: Hawkeye (1988), Flimbo’s Quest (1990), Super Trucker (1991) and Heli Rescue (1992)

Our team continued developing games for the Commodore amiga in the 90s and created Disposable hero in 1993 for the commodore amiga 500 an CD32. New members joined our original BwB team and after a quick researching sidestep towards developing for the Super Nintendo we then started developing games for PC. In 1995 Yogho Yogho the game was released followed by Knudde World Sports Tournament in 1997.

We are still looking for opportunities to develop games next to our day time jobs and also started this little webshop with some retro goodies for old skool gamers who, like us, still embrace the games of the old days.

The Boys without brains Retro shop is an online shop especially for Commodore64 and Amiga fans, but if you are not a fan but you like retro goodies that bring back memories of the 80s and 90s games era? Well, you can eat your heart out here as well.

All our retro goodies have a strong connection with the games we build back in the day: HawkeyeFlimbo's Quest and Disposable Hero. Nice to know is that the prints on the products are created by the BwB members who build the actual games. 

If you like what we do keep following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so we can keep you up to date on our game development and new retro goodies.


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